Salomaan Kennel

Our home is located in the countryside very close to Hämeenlinna in the village of Pekola in Hattula. We acquired our first dog Natu in July of 1996 to be my pal, when I go jogging. Our next dog Moona (Cardamom), we got in September 1996. And in December 1996 we went to see Jeppe (Kesiliin Aruncus), who soon moved to our home and became our third dog.

We acquired a kennelname of our own in 1997, because by that time I had already become so enthusiastic about dogs that I had decided to become a breeder myself.

From Nadja's first litter with Jedi (owner Tarmo Löfman, Ryttylä) we had Salomaan Hiski to stay in our family.

Alaskan malamutes became a part of the picture in the summer of '98, when Hauenkuonon Ina moved to us. And of course, we needed a friend for our 'mute, and so in christmas '98 Mukluk Nuutpok a.k.a. Nuutti became a part of our pack. When he arrived to our kennel, Nuutti already had the biggest paws of our whole kennel and we soon found out that Nuutti didn't run out of ideas of what to do. Nuutti chewed up everything he could, knocked over or ate our houseplants and also ate everything else that could possibly be eaten.

And new dogs just keep on coming to our kennel' My husband Ipe acquired three Alaskan Husky bitches from Anu Jaakonsaari in January 2001. Their names are Comet, Luca and Debbie and they are just lovely and very good-natured dogs. For a while, we also had Silver, who unfortunately got seriously ill and was forced to move to doggie heaven after only about a year's stay with us. Luca had puppies in the summer of 2002 and my husband had decided that we'd keep all the female puppies of that litter ourself. However, Luca only got two puppies, of which other one was male and was given to Anu as a reward for her studdog's service. The other one, a girl named Cindy, stayed with us. And so again we "needed" more dogs... And luckily we got a phone call from Lappland in July of 2002 concerning Alaskan Huskies. As a result of that call, we now have Tuisku, Tuuli and Viima.

In the spring of 2001 we got our third alaskan malamute Hauenkuonon Opri as well as had one of Moona and Jedi's puppies Salomaan Stella to stay with us in our kennel.

In the summer of 2001, my husband made us a dogtrailer, so that it would be easier for us to move the whole pack from one place to another. The trailer has been a great help. It's been in a lot of use and enables us to take the whole pack anywhere we want. The dogs are also very calm in their compartments and can also sleep in there if needed.

In October 2003 arrived our 4th alaskan malamute Demi (Antarctic' Explorer Cosmicray) from Belgium. Since then Demi has proven herself to be a very good import dog! In August 2004 we acquired our 5th Alaskan malamute Milla (Jiepeer's Vasilla) from Sweden. Milla is one of Nuutti's puppies born in Sweden.

In June 2006 it was time of our 6th malmuteTopi (Lone Wolf Of Kiyara's Wolf Pak) to come for us, he's been shown really bullheaded, but still so lovely malamute boy. He's our first black&white coloured malamute.

In March 2004, an official inspection of the Finnish Kennel association was conducted in our kennel. In this inspection, we were given excellent grades and every one of our dogs was found to be in very good shape and very well taken care of. Also our puppy rooms were granted a special notice for their excellent functionability. I have been accepted as a member of the SuKoKa (the Association of the Finnish Dog Breeders) in September 2004.

So, this is our story. One joggingpal, became a hobby of dogsledding, and today we have more dogs than I could have ever imagined. (I wonder if this is even enough?!) We have families visiting our kennel weekly and if you are interested we will gladly tell you more about our dogs and our hobby Therefore you are most welcome to come meet us and our dogs in our home!